If you’re reading this article then there’s a good chance that this is the very first thing you’re reading about live casinos; and so we’ll do our best to give you every bit of information you need to learn about what a live casino is and how to play at one.

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What is a live online casino

You may have heard of live casinos before now, maybe even a decade ago and thought nothing of them – and to be honest we wouldn’t blame you as back then they weren’t anything like they are now. However thanks to the improvements in technology live casinos are truly the way forward and we think as time goes on more and more people will turn to live casinos as their way to do gaming.

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Before we get ahead of ourselves though we best give you a full rundown on what a live casino is so you know exactly what we’re talking about. If you can imagine a fully running land based casino with all the dealers, games, and managers fast in action then that’s what a live casino is…except for the fact that there will be absolutely no players in the place at all.

Instead what will be there is a bunch of high tech cameras which will be taking on the role as the player capturing all the sights, sounds, and vibrant energy of the casino and beaming it right into your very home, or while you’re out and about if you choose to play via your mobile phone.

This camera will pick up absolutely everything in this casino giving you a full on view of the dealer, the table, and all the apparatus used in the game. You’ll also be able to hear the dealer talk and the slapping of the cards hitting the felt as the games are played out and the kicker of it all is you can even chat along and talk to the dealer who will be able to reply to you within seconds creating a free flowing conversation just like in an actual casino.

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It’s all these factors combined which has allowed live casinos to explode in popularity as this immersive experience is too good to pass up on and that’s even before we go into this medium’s many advantages!

Now if this sounds like it could be a whole lot of fun to you(and it is) then the first thing you’re going to want to do is select a casino to play at. Pretty much every single online and mobile casino has a live casino attached to them nowadays so you aren’t going to have any shortage of places to play which is great news, and each of these sites offer some incredibly rewarding bonuses when you sign up to them as well.

Our advice would be to first look for a site that is offering a no deposit bonus to new players which is typically a free £10 you’ll get for making an account with their site. This isn’t just good because it’s a free shot at a big win it’s also pretty good because it gives you the perfect chance to learn these games a bit better before making the jump and depositing any money of your own. There’s no commitment with these bonuses and if you lose the money and don’t like the site you don’t have to feel committed to staying so it’s a win-win situation really.

Once you’ve come to your decision on where to play and you’ve got your bonus the next thing on the list will be to head on over to the game’s lobby. To do this you want to look for the “live casino” tab which should be clearly displayed on the homepage and click it. This will bring up all the available games for you on that day as well as the dealers who are running them.

There’s a good chance you’ll be shocked at just how much choice you have at a live casino as some places can have up to 40 tables running at once which will give you a pretty varied selection to choose from. You won’t need to feel overwhelmed by your choice however as there will be a search box for you to type in the name of the game you’d like to play or a category breakdown if you’d like to branch out and try a new game you like the look of.

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Once you find the one you’re after click on the table to bring the livestream feed of that game up and you’ll see the dealer, the table, a stack of chips, and your account balance on the screen. The chips used here will be virtual ones however everything else will be real and you’ll also spot a chat box next to the table for you to chat along with the dealer.

Placing a bet in any of these games is the easy part as it only requires two clicks. The first click is to select one of the chips at the table you’d like to bet with and the second click is on the betting table where you’d like to place it. This is about as simple as it comes and there’s even additional features at the table to help you along by either removing or adding chips for you with quicker speed. In a game like Blackjack where the action is on you to make a move all available options will appear on the screen and you click the one you want to make it happen. When the game comes to an end any winners will have their account topped up immediately ready for the next round.

This is everything you’ll ever need to know if you want to start playing in some of the most exciting games the casino industry has to offer without any worry you might be doing something wrong; and don’t forget you can always claim a no deposit bonus to get you started if you’re a little worried!


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