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As more and more trends started to pop up all over the world, the online casino sites started to upgrade themselves to be worthy of the standards for the year 2018. The gambling industry usually launches new online casino sites and new online casino games on a quarterly, half-yearly or on a seasonal basis.

These new slots games are futuristic in nature and have a variety of different elements woven into them. Play with cool welcome deals!

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The first type of online casino games were all the traditional games and different, but simple variations of the same game. The art and other aspects of the game were ordinary and were not so engaging as they are now. With the passage of time, newer themes and art styles began to emerge and generate excitement in the casino industry.

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The launch of online casino sites was when real-life casino games made their online debut. These traditional games initially were modified only a little according to a variety of different themes in order to bring a bit of change to the gameplay. But with the advancement of time, the theme and the art of the game all got a good remodel.

Now, the traditional symbols of the slot machine games have completely been removed. There are no more games which have fruit and vegetable or card symbols on their reels. The symbols of the slot machine game are according to the theme. For example, a game of a future theme will have symbols of robots, chemical tubes, brains and other gadget-related aspects. These are done in order to make the slot machine game in itself more interesting and appealing to the players.


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The games that were introduced with the introduction of online casino games didn’t have as many elements as the games of 2018 have. First glance at any game that has been released in 2018 and players instantly notice that there are a number of things that are going on with the game at the same time. These number of elements working at the same time is meant to keep the attention of the player in the game. It’s the same tactic used in strategy games as well.

Focusing on the slot machine games that have been released in the year 2018 there are a number of features that are common to all of them. All the slot machine games have been using a variety of colour with the theme of the game which was not seen when the initial online slot machine games were released.

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The themes of slot machine games have become more advanced than the seasonal festivities theme that used to be incorporated in games. Now, each and every new theme that brought to life in the form of a slot machine game needs an immense amount of brainstorming and resources.

The theme requires a separate special round and bonus features. The theme requires the makers to think of symbols that are worthy of further highlighting the theme. The special symbols and the bonus round of the game should usher the same. All in all, the themes of 2018 are dynamic in nature with a whole lot of action and animation woven into the game itself which mesmerize and immerse a player in the slot machine game. Play now and get up to £200 in welcome offers!

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