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There are some games that don’t get offered by casinos up and down the country and Baccarat is unfortunately one of them and that’s unfortunate because it’s an incredibly simple and yet fun game to play that we’re sure the vast majority of you will all enjoy. If you haven’t played Baccarat before then we’re only more more than happy to tell you all about it as we’d love to see you at the tables playing it alongside us.

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At its core live Baccarat is a point scoring game like Blackjack where the person with the most points at the end of the game is deemed the winner. The value of the cards here are all the same( Ace 1/11, facecard 10) it’s only how the points are added up which is different. Instead of just adding up all the cards and taking the total in live Baccarat there’s one more step you need to do and that’s to take the final digit of your total number. So that means where in Blackjack a score of 21 would be top dog in Baccarat that would produce a score of 1 which is about as bad as you can get.

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In Baccarat the highest possible score is 9 so that means you’ll want all your cards to either total up to 9, 19, 29 etc if possible. Unfortunately Baccarat doesn’t require any interaction from the player so you can’t do very much in determining what final score you’ll end up with but the flip side of this is the casino will allow you to bet on either yourself or the dealer to win, or even for the game to end in a draw!

Once you’ve backed the result that you think will come up both yourself and the dealer will be dealt two face up cards and your totals added. If at this point either yourself or the dealer has 8 or 9 points then the game is over with the highest score winning – simple! If however that’s not the case then the player will be dealt a new face up card to create a new score. At this point the dealer may or may not take another card and this depends on what score you the player currently has along with what score they the dealer currently has.

live baccarat online

You don’t need to stress over this fact though as there’s a chart at the table explaining exactly when the dealer will and won’t take a card. Once this round has passed the highest score will be declared the winner and all winnings will be paid out.

Playing at a live Baccarat table couldn’t be any simpler and it starts by you selecting the game in the tournament lobby. This will start the game’s livestream showing the dealer, the cards, and the betting boxes. You’ll also have a stack of chips which you’ll choose to bet with and to do that you click once on the chip you’d like to bet with and once more on the table where you’d like to place that bet.

That’s pretty much it! From thereon out you just get to sit back and watch the action unfold before you while chatting away with the dealer as they play out the game. Baccarat has always been one of our favourite games to play since we saw it’s magic of the game captured by none other than James Bond and hopefully after just a couple of games it will be up there with the best of them for you too!

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