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Game Name: Dolphin’s Roulette

Software: NetEnt

Game Type: Table Game

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Roulette is a game that players always expect something extra from. And there cannot be anything better than having a side betting option. Dolphin's Roulette offers exactly that so you could stand a chance to win something extra than just from the Roulette wheel. In this free play Roulette keep what you win you get a place you bet on a side game single reel slot. What makes this game more exciting is that it is powered by a live professional dealer. So you can get a feel of playing in a real-world casino as the wheel and the ball used is real. The betting starts with as low as £1 and the maximum is set at £500 per position on the betting table. Enjoy the game and at the same time have the opportunity to win money.

Free Play Roulette Keep What You Win

How The Free Play Roulette Keep What You Win Game Works - Login Now!

This creative new free play Roulette keep what you win game was created by NetEnt. One of the most popular developers in the world with experience spanning over twenty years in this industry. They are also the pioneers of online casino gaming and have created over a hundred games from different categories.

Dolphin's Roulette: A Brief Description

Live Roulette

In this free play Roulette keep what you win you can win from straight single number betting placement. You can either choose one single number or multiple random numbers as per your preference. If you win on any single number, you get the pay of 35 to 1 on your wagering. If you want to enhance your opportunity then you can as well try other options. There are split which covers two numbers, street that has three numbers in a row, corner consisting of four and line that has six numbers from two rows. There are outside bets such as high, low, odd, even, black, red, column and dozen. These areas have higher win probability than the inside wheel betting.

  • Placing Your Bets: The single number betting is pretty easy. To play split, you need to place your betting chip on a line between two numbers in squares. For street, you need to place chips on the top line on the column containing three numbers. For the corner, the position is the edge connecting four squares. The line requires you to place chips on edge of line connecting two columns.
  • Side Game: The side bet of this free play Roulette keep what you win is a single reel slot. Once you place your bet, you can win if the reel reveals a winning symbol. The top paying symbol is the Dolphin that pays you 80 times on your betting amount.
Keep What You Win


With side game option to enhance your winning, this free play Roulette keep what you win game is the best in the class. The live dealer offers real-time assistance that adds more realistic experience for your gaming.

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