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Blackjack is a game that players easily get to like soon to and they always want something more from it. What this Blackjack 3 offers are multiple hands that allow you betting on three different hands simultaneously. So you can win three times more than any other variant of the online platform. In this Blackjack SMS Signup bonus game, you can experience high-quality graphics with decks of cards placed on the table. Their various chips used for betting that you can see on the table too. The betting limit here starts with £1 and goes up to a maximum of £500 per hand. So you can bet up to £1500 at a time. This game can be played using your mobile devices so you can play while on the move.

Blackjack SMS Signup Bonus

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The creator of this world-class Blackjack SMS Signup bonus game is NetEnt, one of the most popular brand names for different category of casino games. With over 20 years of experience and over a hundred titles from slots, casino and live dealer games, they have managed to become one of the top 5 companies in the world.

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In this Blackjack SMS Signup bonus game, the rules are very simple. You need to just score more points than the dealer without exceeding the cap of 21 points. If you cross this, you get a BUST and you lose that hand. If you beat the dealer then you win. You can also win when first two cards in hand make a total value of 21. This is called the blackjack hand gives you 3:2 on your bet which is the highest payout of the game. You can either play one single hand or all three and the betting can be same or all different. The advantage of three hands is you can win more and also identify the strongest hand where you can bet more.

  • Insurance: This is the feature that is given to you each time the dealer gets an Ace as his first card. You can accept or ignore this option but if you do take it, you need to pay 50% on your bet as a fee. What happens is, if the dealer gets a blackjack after you take the insurance, you will win a pay of 2:1 on your bet. If not, the game continues as normal.
  • Split Hands: Since there are three different hands in this Blackjack SMS Signup bonus game, there is a chance you can get two identical cards on all three. If that happens, you can split them and play a total of six hands.

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With three hands to bet with, this Blackjack SMS Signup bonus game offers enhanced winning opportunity. There are various other options in the game to help you win big too.

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