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Cool Buck – The Coolest Slot Machine Game

For everyone who belongs to the present generation, “coolness” is a trait that is popular. Coolness is something that comes to a person naturally, or by effort and is very distinctive. Microgaming has incorporated the coolness factor of the world through their online slot gambling game Cool Buck.

Cool Buck Slot Online Slot Gambling

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Cool Buck Slot Online Slot Gambling game can be played on websites such as Slots Ltd. This game is a 3 reel 5 payline game where the main character is named after the game, Buck. This character has been created by rolling a dollar bill and adding arms, legs and a fact to it. For anyone who wants to win real money online for free, this is the ideal way to go!

The visual element of the game is a great representation of the theme of the game. The online slot game takes inspiration from classical slot games by using symbols like cherries, triple bar, double bar, and sevens that take up the reels of the slot. The background of the game is green with a faded dollar sign.

Extra Features

Cool Buck Slot Online Slot Gambling

The only feature that this slots online gambling game has to offer are the wild symbol which is a golden dollar sign. The wild symbol of the game replaces all other symbols that are on the reels of the game in order to give the player a winning combination and a greater return on his/her investment.

This wild symbol is also the means in which players can retain the Jackpot of 6000 times their stake in the game. The Jackpot is achieved only when a player successfully lands on the reels three of the golden dollar signs.

Addition of the wild symbol in the modernized slot machine game has spiced up the game and encouraged players to play for enjoyment and better returns.

Online gambling sites like Slots Ltd offers this game for users.

Wagering In The Game

Cool Buck Slot Online Slot Gambling

Cool Buck slots online gambling game offers a Jackpot up to 6000 times the original bet that a player has invested in spinning one row of the game. The minimum amount of bet per line of the game is £0.25 while the maximum bet is £100.

Since the bets have a wide variety and the slot game is a video-type game that has done justice to the “coolness” theme of the game, most players opt for playing the game. The visuals and bonus features that the game gives its players adds to the attractiveness of the game and calls more people to play it.

The players on this game have no control over the manoeuvre over the reels of the game that are completely random and which do not have any specific patterns to it. But, when the game begins to offer good returns, then a player is sure to be happy with their investment.

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