If there’s only one thing we know about it’s the casino industry and we know it inside it which is why we’re incredibly confident when we tell you that they are most definitely safe places for you to play. Of course our word should never be enough for you so we’ll also give you a full breakdown on what you need to look for if you want to make sure you’re safe and also why that’s an indicator that you’re on a safe to play site too.

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The first thing you should know is that if a site wants to be able to offer its games to players they need to get a license and there are many different places where they can apply for a license. If however, they want to be able to offer their games to players in the UK then they must get a UK gambling license which is given by the UK gambling commission. This license is what you’ll be looking to see a site has and if it does you can be rest assured this is a safe place to play. These licenses can’t be easily forged at all and if they are a site will be shut down as soon as it’s put up with the owners of said place getting serious charges put against them.

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There hasn’t been an incident of a dodgy live casino trying to run off with people’s money in a long time and if you stick to the main sites we dare say the chances of you running into trouble will be 0%. All the same we’ll tell you all the tests that are taking by the UK Gambling commission in order to ensure the site they’re giving a green light deserves to get one.

The first thing that will be done when an application is made for a gambling license is to do an identity check on the person that’s making the application. This is a great way to prevent fraud and identity theft and if the UK gambling commission knows who they’re dealing with then the chances that they will try and do something illegal goes down immeasurably.

Even so once they’ve confirmed the identity of the applicant they will then go on to take a look into that person’s history for any sort of criminal activity be it fraud or violence with people showing red flags getting rejected for their application. If this is good its then on to a look at the finances as the commission need to know the applicant can actually afford to run a casino from paying its staff to paying out on a big win. The final check regarding the applicant of this application is on their work experience. The UK gambling commission doesn’t want somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing having this much responsibility and so experience in the field is essential.

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If this check passes not only can the applicant be happy to know they’re an upstanding citizen but they’ll also be happy to know the commission thinks they have the means and knowledge to run a live casino successfully and so will move on to looking at the casino itself.

The first thing that must be done when looking at the actual casino in question is sifting through all the programming and code that make it up. There would be nothing worse than if on opening day the site had a bunch of bugs messing up players gaming experience or even worse what’s in their account. The UK gambling commission does a thorough search to ensure there’s no bugs in the code and nothing that shouldn’t be there has been added. This can actually be quite a lengthy process sometimes taking a few months to sort out so it’s not something site’s can get away with.

Once this challenge has been completed the next step is to take a look at the games and promotions that are being offered up by the casino. A lot of this will have fallen under the programming and code part of the check but they also need to take a look and see that all the correct random number generators are in place and that there’s not going to be a major advantage given to one party over another.

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Looking at the bonuses is largely making sure that they’re fair for both the players and the casino itself. Live casino’s can’t just give players a free £200 without a little playing requirement or everyone would just deposit £200 and withdraw £400 right away which would instantly bust them. The gambling commission wants to make sure that the playing requirements put in place are for a reasonable length of time so that both parties can be happy with the deal.

Once this is passed there’s only one more check left to do and that’s regarding the casino’s finances. Particularly player funds. Here it’s vital that player funds and business funds are kept separate so the casino doesn’t spend player’s money either on purpose or by mistake.

If a green light is finally given here though then everyone can rejoice as the site will have been granted a license for the time being. Of course this license has to have an expiration date as the UK gambling commission’s need to ensure that standards are always kept to a high standard and so they will make sure there are regular intervals where sites must reapply for their license before being granted one again.

As you can see there’s a lot of hurdles to jump through to get a license and only those who are truly there to create a fun and engaging experience for their players are going to get one so if you ever want to make sure you’re on a site that’s safe and trustworthy – simply scroll down to the bottom of a site’s homepage and look out for their gambling license!

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