If you want to know why you should be playing at a live casino then we’ll be more than happy to tell you as there seems to be a never ending amount of reasons as why you should choose to do so. If you asked us this question 5 or 10 years ago we maybe wouldn’t have been so eager to tell you all about the place but that was then and this is now and live Blackjack in 2017 is a whole other animal.

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Why play at a live online casino site

The first reason there is to choosing to play at a live casino is one that’s really essential and is the primary reason for playing at a live casino which is that it’s incredibly fun! We will hit you with plenty of reasons today as to why you should play at a live casino but if you weren’t going to have very much fun what would be the point?

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Fortunately though live casinos have one of the best gaming experiences on the planet to the point where we wouldn’t be surprised if you actually felt like you were there on the casino floor after playing just a couple of games. What makes this experience so great is the technology. Technology has come a long long way in the last couple of years and nowadays you’re going to be watching a livestream that can show you absolutely everything in amazing detail!

The little frills on the dealer’s dress, the patterns on the back of the cards, or even a fly buzzing about would be able to be clearly seen and heard! The sound systems that are used at live casinos are perfect for not just letting you have a free flowing conversation with the dealer at the table, but for also hearing everything else that’s going on in the casino which helps to capture the buzz and excitement surrounding the place perfectly.

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There’s only really one way to describe playing at a live casino and that’s to say it’s an immersive experience. The streams come with no lag and everything is in such high quality that you can start to lose yourself and feel like you’re actually standing there in the casino playing the games instead of at home.

The next big reason as to why you should be playing at a live casino is that you actually will be at home! Playing at a live casino is a massive time and money saver for you no matter where in the world you live. Time is a precious commodity so why waste so much of it getting to and from the casino every night when you can get the exact same experience from home. Why not put that time to good use by playing even more of your favourite games as well as spending a little extra time with the family!

Not only that but if you drive to the casino then think of the added cash you’ll save in petrol! Or if you get the bus the fare you’ll save from that! It may not be a whole lot each time but it will certainly add up to a lot over the months and years to the point where you’ll wish you had all that extra cash for something else!

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The next reason as to why you might want to play at a live casino as opposed to down your local casino is for the added choice of games. We have nothing against land based casinos but they do certainly have a bit of a space problem, and that does mean that anything which is not Blackjack, Roulette, and maybe Poker takes a back seat. This is an absolute tragedy for us as this means we rarely get to see our favourite games on the casino floor raring to be played.

This isn’t the case for live casinos however as they have the space and means to offer players all the top games and their many variations. Our favourite game of Blackjack is double up Blackjack and the one place we know we’ll be able to play it is a live casino which saves us a lot of heartbreak as our local casino doesn’t offer it. If you haven’t tried this game we’d highly recommend it and the same goes for games such as Sic bo, Craps, and Baccarat too! There’s a whole other world of casino games that open up to you and we’re pretty sure you’ll love them all!

The final reason we have for you today as to why you might want to play at a live casino is for the bonuses. If you’ve never stepped foot into the online world then you probably don’t know just how much money you’re missing out on but the truth is it is thousands each and every year….every month in fact if you’re a high roller.

These bonuses come in many different shapes and sizes however they all line your pocket to the point where even the most casual of player has something to look forward to every time they play. There is one bonus in particular we’d like to highlight for you today and that’s the no deposit bonus as they’re the best bonuses new players to the scene can get.

A no deposit bonus is offered to new players who register and account with a live casino and in return they’ll be given about £10 to spend as they wish. If you’re getting a little nervous you might mess up on your first time then you can take a no deposit bonus and learn the ropes in a stress free environment. These bonuses hold no commitments either and if you didn’t like the site you got it from you don’t have to feel the need to stay.

All in all we’d have to say there’s plenty of reasons as to why you should be playing at a live casinos. The live casino experience is an immersive and personal one, you get to play at a time and place that’s suitable for you, you get to save a little money in travel costs, there’s a much wider range of games to choose from, and you get some massive bonuses worth hundreds at a time as well!

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