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Sizzling Hot Roulette

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If you love online roulette games then you would have definitely heard about the live dealer feature games. These variants not only lets you talk to the dealer but gives you feel of a real-world casinos too. What is special about Live Sizzling Hot Roulette is its side game betting that makes the game more exciting. The additional feature lets you win regardless of your results in the main Roulette game. This live Roulette bonus has wonderful graphics and is played on a European style wheel. The betting range of this game is between £1 and £1000 that opens the door for all types of players and professional gamblers too. So Come and play; reel and spin!

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The creators of this amazing live Roulette bonus game it NetEnt, one of the best in online casino gaming with hundreds of their games already popular worldwide. Each of their game offers a unique experience to the players and comes with an exciting feature to help you win rewards more easily.

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This live Roulette bonus game is played with a number from 1 to 36 along with a zero where you can place your bets. The one that you can win the most from is the straight single number betting. This requires a good amount of luck but the payout is worth taking the risk. You are paid 35 times on your total bet if you win this. If you are a low-risk taker then you can increase the number of betting positions with help of split, corner, street, and line. The split allows two number betting by placing your betting chip on a line between any two numbers. Similarly, the street requires placing a bet on the top line of a row consisting three numbers. The corner has four numbers and you need to place the chip on the edge connecting four squares. The line contains six numbers and you need to place on top of a line connecting two rows.

  • Side Bet Game: The sizzling hot is a single reel side bet slot in this live Roulette bonus game. Here you can place a bet and spin the reel. Once the reel stops, if it reveals a winning symbol then you get paid. The top paying symbol is the watermelon that gives you a payout of 80x on your bet.
  • Outside Betting: The outside areas such an odd and even numbers, red and black pockets, high and low numbers, column and dozen offer the highest win probability. That is up to 50% that makes winning an easy deal here. These bets allow you to win more frequently and by the end of the day, you can make a good amount of profit.

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This live Roulette bonus is one of its kind as it also offers a side bet slot game. This increases your chances of winning alongside the Roulette game.

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