Fruit Shop Christmas Edition Makes It All The More Festive!

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Slots ltd has made quite a name for itself for online slots Jackpot party. You can place your wagers and wait to be delighted with spell-bounding rewards at your disposal. We offer a huge variety of bonuses and cash backs to our customers to make their visit worthwhile. With slot options like Fruit Shop Christmas Edition and an array of themes to choose from, you won’t be able to keep temptation at bay.

Benefits and Rewards

Fruit Shop

You can enjoy various rewards like free slots and spins to make your journey exciting with much more benefits like:

  • 100% bonus on up to £200
  • Bonus Coupons and Cash backs
  • £5 bonus Free on Deposit

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Fruit Shop Christmas Edition And More

As the name says it all, Fruit Shop Christmas Edition is nothing but a sheer gift from NetEnt to you slot lovers in town. With a wintery theme and snowy symbols, Fruit Shop Christmas Edition definitely sets the mood for the season. With X2 multipliers and about 97% payout, this game will help you multiply your moolah in no time.

VIP Memberships

SMS Banking

You can either straightaway register as a VIP member or gradually get upgraded to one to enjoy much more benefits than a standard player gets to enjoy. You can chat and network with the best of the best to place your wagers amongst the elitist of the elite. You even get a private booth where you can not only play but also have live chats to enjoy the banter of the game. It is just as real as it gets.

Customer Care Executives

We take care of you by assisting you 24X7, with the help of our world-class customer care services. In case of an emergency you can chat with us live, or leave behind a query note or even send us an email and we try and come up with prompt solutions to make gaming easy.

Payments and Withdrawals

You can make deposits with the help of SMS banking or make transfers from your mobile bill credit. You can even pay via debit/credit card or use Netbanking.

Retrieving cash is much easier because all you have to do is click withdraws and all your cash will be redeemed in no time.

Final Take

Win The Game and Earn Big Money

A definite spot for online slots Jackpot party, we try and refresh our content via upgrades like Fruit Shop Christmas Edition. Our sole motive is to make your betting journey delightful and we do everything in our control and beyond to do just that.

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