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Live Blackjack 2

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Live Blackjack 2 is an online version of the popular game but powered by a live human professional dealer to assist you through. This real dealer Blackjack online game has not just one but two hands you can simultaneously place your bets on. This gives you the enhanced opportunity of winning some big rewards. You can interact with the dealer via a chat feature and he or she will respond to you by voice. This makes your gaming experience as real as in a land casino. Moreover, the cards and the table used in the game are very much real too. So the game is ideal for those who prefer going to traditional casinos. The betting limits are set between £1 and £500 a hand that makes it ideal for all types of players. Don’t think, Just Play at Slots Ltd.

Real Dealer Blackjack Online

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Live Blackjack 2

This wonderful new real dealer Blackjack online game was created by one of the top developers in the world, NetEnt. They come with an experience spanning nearly two decades in this industry and are actually the pioneers of online casino gaming.

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This real dealer Blackjack online game has two separate hands and you can either play one or both hands. This means you can win twice the money simultaneously. So you can play a number of hands per hour compared any single hand blackjack. Your aim will still be to score 21 points or somewhere closer to it than the banker. If you manage to beat him or her with your score, then you win straight with 100% on your bet. If you win with a blackjack hand, you can take away 3:2 on your bet. And when you win both the hands, your profit simply doubles too.

  • Split Hands: When the initial two cards that are dealt with you have similar value numbers then you will be able to split the hand into to two. This means, along with the two hands you are already playing, you get to play another one extra here. Chances are that you can play four hands when both primary hands receive identical cards.
  • Double Bets: This is the option in this real dealer Blackjack online game that gets activated when the value of your two cards is 9, 10 or 11. When that happens, you will be able to double your bet amount even though you have reached the game’s max limit of £500.


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With dual hands and various exciting game features, this real dealer Blackjack online game is the best. The live dealer makes the gaming experience more realistic.

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