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Game Name: BJ Common Draw Low Roller

Software: NetEnt

Game Type: Live Dealer

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Ever since the game of blackjack hit the online platform, the number of variants of this has dramatically increased. Each variant offers its own unique benefits to the players. BJ Common Draw Low Roller is one such variant where people with the lower betting requirement can comfortably play. This instant win free bonus Blackjack has an amazing graphics that give you a feel of a real-world casino. There is a single hand and the betting limits are between £0.25 and £250 per hand. This game is also playable on various modern devices such as smartphones and tablets, so you can play while on the go.

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This Instant win free bonus Blackjack game was created by NetEnt, one of the world’s top ten casino games developers. They have created over a hundred games from different categories and in several different variations as well. Their games support various devices such as PCs, mobiles and tablets.

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In this instant win free bonus Blackjack, you need to make sure to score points closer to 21 before the dealer does. Since the dealer must stand on all 17s and cannot draw after 16, you have a better advantage and chances of winning. Though the game requires luck, you can apply your own strategies. There are chances that dealer gets a BUST and you can win too. And if you get a blackjack hand, which is possible if your first two cards make a total of 21, then you can win big. The payout in such case is three to two on your original bet. There are options such as split, double and insurance to win better too.

  • Insurance:  This is the feature that is offered to you every time the dealer gets an Ace as the open card. This is because the chances of the dealer getting a blackjack hand are very high. So to cut down the losses you could face, insurance is offered. What happens here is, even if the dealer gets blackjack, you may lose the hand but not your money. You will still get 2:1 on your bet but this requires you to shell out 50% of your bet as a fee.
  • Game Stats: It is important in blackjack that you keep a tab of wins and losses, but it is hard to that manually. So this instant win free bonus Blackjack game comes with an on-screen display of your wins and losses along with the dealer’s results. This will help you plan your future moves more efficiently.
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With a simple interface and affordable betting range, this instant win free bonus Blackjack game is ideal for most players including amateurs.