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A casino is a place where most players expect royal treatment or at least a royal ambiance that inspires one to try a hand of blackjack. This is something that is rarely possible in online scenarios. Thanks to Blackjack VIP that comes with a rich graphics in HD with a royal ambiance to make you feel special. This real money VIP Blackjack bonus game comes with a live dealer too. So you can experience the most realistic gaming just like from a real-world casino. To place your bets, you can choose chips of various different values starting £1 to £5k. The game can be played using your mobile phones, tablet or PC so you can play it from anywhere. Register with us now to know more!

Real Money VIP Blackjack Bonus

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This best real money VIP Blackjack bonus game was created by NetEnt, a world popular games developers with several years of experience. They have developed over a hundred titles of games from different casino categories such as slots, bingo, table and a live dealer.

You Don’t Need To Be An Expert To Win

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This real money VIP Blackjack bonus game is powered by a professionally trained live human dealer. The attractive looking dealer will offer constant assistance throughout your gameplay sessions. Your aim remains to defeat the dealer by scoring points better than her but not exceeding 21. Once you cross this, you are out of the game and lose that hand. But if the dealer crosses this capping limit, you win the hand. The advantage in this game is always for the player since there is no limitation for drawing cards. The dealer, on the other hand, must stand at all 17s and cannot draw after 16.

  • Additional Features: You are offered insurance when dealer’s face-up card is an ace, so you can still get paid if she gets a blackjack. You will be able to split your hand into two when both cards have identical value numbers. You can double the betting when the total value of first two cards is 9, 10 or 11.
  • Game Stats: In this real money VIP Blackjack bonus game, you can view various game info such as the dealer’s last ten hands. You can also see the percentage of blackjack hands, wins, pushes and busts. They help you plan a better strategy for your future moves.

Blackjack Bonus


This real money VIP Blackjack bonus game is definitely to those players who are sophisticated and expect a royal treatment. Besides, the dealer is always available to assist you in the game.

Real Money VIP Blackjack Bonus – Keep What You Win With Slots Ltd

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