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Blackjack Single Deck Touch

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When it comes to Blackjack casino table game, you can find plenty of variants that you can play using your computer system. Some of these can be played on mobile devices as well. But if there is any variant that is dedicated completely to touch screen enabled devices, it is Blackjack Single Deck Touch. This game makes playing interactive and interesting. This Blackjack deposit by phone bill SMS has a single deck of 52 cards with professional graphics. There is a nice music given to the background and betting limits is set between £1 and £40 per turn. Don’t wait anymore, Just hit Register and Play on!

Blackjack Deposit by Phone Bill SMS

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This creative new Blackjack deposit by phone bill SMS game was developed by NetEnt. One of the most promising brand names in the online casino industry with over 20 years of experience and over a 100 games to their list of creation. Their games support various mobile and computer systems.

Amazing Blackjack Single Deck Touch Gaming Tips To Make Use Of

Blackjack Touch Single Deck

In this Blackjack deposit by phone bill SMS game, the rules you must follow is very simple. You need to score point value from two cards closer to 21 than the dealer in order to win. If your initial two cards dealt with you make a total of 21, it is called a Blackjack hand and you can win instantly. The payout, in that case, is three to two on your overall betting on that hand. If you win without Blackjack hand, you get to take a reward of one to one of your bet amounts. If you exceed the capping of 21 points, you lose the hand and the bet amount attached to it. The dealer cannot draw after 16 and must stand on 17, which gives you an advantage over the dealer.

  • Insurance: This is offered to you every time the dealer gets Ace as the face-up card. This is optional and you can reject it. If you opt for it, the benefit to you is a payout of two to one in case the dealer gets Blackjack. If not, the game proceeds as normal but you will need to sacrifice 50% of your bet as a fee towards insurance.
  • Split Hands: In this Blackjack deposit by phone bill SMS, every time your first two cards have identical values, you can split your hand into two. In such cases, both your split hands will receive the second card and your game continues as normal. So you have an opportunity to win from an extra hand here.



This Blackjack deposit by phone bill SMS is a perfect game for all your touch screen powered devices. You easily play with as the game has a smart interface and you can have the chance to win some exciting prizes the game offers.

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