Yes we do carry our load easier and so far as weight goes we have found that we are not overloaded where as other autos we travel with are over loaded. This has been proven over the weigh bridge. Let me tell you that generally if a Landcruiser can get I can get my Canter through. Take a look at my trip reviews of our trips to the Top. As I stated before, I think it comes down to your intended use.

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If you can charge how, you can top the battery during a week so you have full battery for weekend trip. And in weekend destination hopefully you can charge it full so no drama to get home where you can charge it for monday. Welcome to the Cooksongold Jewellery making forum. If you’re thinking about any facet of jewelry making, whether you are a coveted jewelry designer or a crafty stranger who likes the idea of making an attempt a new hobby, this is the place to be! Don’t waste time, register NOW and in 60 seconds become part of the UK’s most popular Jewellery Making Community sponsored by industry experts

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Elevator shaft and structural beams for a house inbuilt melbourne. My daily round trip is around 90kms plus some weekly driving thrown in. Is there a manual on this forum on all the terms explained, I keep seeing “change your boss” or change rollers, I want to learn what this is all about. Just bought my first scooter, a brand new 2017 Kymco Agility 50cc. Looking at performing some light mods to make it just that little bit quicker, as it barely hits 50kph, speedo says a tad beneath 60kph but I really don’t think it is.

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I quoted your Fuso hearsay as I can guarantee you, we have been beating the crap out of our company FG for many a few years. In the same time period (2008-present), we have also run Dodge 3500 and 5500 diesel vehicles. The 3500 is dead and gone, and went through 8 clutches and heaps of other repairs together with major things that saved it off the road for a month or more. In that very same period, the FG had a single leaf spring crack in one of many rear packs. Registering takes only a few moments but gives you elevated capabilities. The board administrator may also grant additional permissions to registered customers.

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If you want to experience the thrills, visit casinotoplists. The benefit of this advantage play is evident – you’re getting a free multiplier. Well gosh Dan, thanks for what sounds a bit like a reprimand for not having read your trip reports!? All it might have taken YOU is a bit of reading to understand I wasn’t saying unfavorable things about the one which you love Canter, or the Fuso I drive. Maybe post a link to your trip reports as I’m sure quite a lot of of us would love to read them. Anyway I am driving a 2003 FG649 and still no issue with drive link .

It is funny when you do visit a service station to buy something they usually say “you get so and so free if you buy gasoline” and you tell them “good luck filling that one up!”. My big fear is how the I-Pace will handle this long-term – around 700Km every week, week in – week out.

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Jacks or better video poker continues to offer a number of the casino’s best odds. Free lodging, complementary foods, and food and drinks. Learn how to play video poker with our beginners’ guide to this vastly popular poker slot machine based on five-card draw. Ag you will find your whole favorite video poker games together with deuces wild, joker poker, jacks or better and all-american poker in both single. Video poker – jacks or better, come play a real video poker machine free.

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If you plan on lots of beach work, and steep and deep creeks etc, the LC might be the go. If wide open areas of the outback are calling, then the extra cargo capability and size of the FG or Canter could additionally be a better bet. You’ll certainly have the power to carry a lot more food, beer and water on the bigger rig. I have been advised to remain away from the Fuso as the drive train is a weak link particularly running super singles.

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Modification is just like learning to walk…you fall down a few times before getting the hang of it. Well, given the entire living out of it for two years, I’d definitely go with a FG or similar. The thread beneath has heaps of examples of what others have done. A bloke I know has done a caravan on the back of his with super single wheels and 35″ tyres. It’s a beast! Not exactly “fast” on highways, but he travels very long distances with it. In sand, on steep climbs and deep creek crossings the Canter is at home. All it takes is a little bit of reading and this may have been found out.

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Contact Andrew Amesz (“Amesz” here on the forum). He’s based in Perth and is a wealth of information on regarding expedition vans having grown up on this industry. Great guys and West Australian pioneers in the conversion of 4WD vehicles to motorhomes.

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Before you register please ensure you are acquainted with our terms of use and related policies. Please make sure you read any forum rules as you navigate around the board. The board requires you to be registered and logged in to view this forum. I managed to find a while to post some footage of a job i labored on the last couple of weeks.

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Loads of great resources and great helpful slotters. This is an older thread, you might not receive a response, and could be reviving an old thread. Enjoy the car if you get it, you will soon realise it is rather easy to suit into your way of life and becomes second nature pretty shortly. I have clocked up just over 22,000kms since getting the car in Feb and have not missed visiting the petrol stations at all!

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Chile is a country I am decided to go to one day! Never had a drive line problem and may’t see why we should. In fact I not long ago had new gears developed for the transfer case to increase our roadability. We now run the engine at 2500Rpm as a substitute of 3000Rpm at 100Kph. This has given us an improved fuel financial system in the range of 2/3 Litres/100Klm. Also gained a barely lower ratio Low Range in the method.

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J see that you simply found your way around the group and put up a reply to one of the posts. As you stated, I’ll have the weekend for the car to sit plugged into my PVA – so no less than half of my driving shall be solar powered… I taught myself to wire wrap stones before learning to solder jump rings at the local lapidary club.

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Recently, I learnt how to solder bezels from watching YouTube videos. Not sure which one you were referring to, but I had a look on Google Earth and observed there are quite a few sectors. Santiago is a big city, but those additional south look more appealing to me for a Holiday. Like fizzy, at some point I wish to visit Chile, especially the Atacama; and convey my telescope.

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Without doubting what you heard, see under link and you can see few people who have Mitsubishi canter pushed past many countries and continents. They can tell their first hand experience. No worries there, I-Pace can handle it well. I’ve done 800km round trip a day, spent min to charge in each ways and in destination I had 4 hours job. The car spent 2 hours charging full from 50 kW DC charger during that point.

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