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The amazing and engaging features are the prime reason why people are so in love with online video slots. Slots games these days come with great themes, allowing developers to add graphics and interesting special characters, features and symbols. This makes each game familiar but at the same time a lot different and more exciting than the run-of-the-mill games. A good example of an interesting and engaging slot game that is currently popular online, is the Libro de Morta Fendo. Eldonita de Play 'n Go, ĉi tiu ludo havas egiptan temon kaj nuntempe haveblas ĉe

Libro de Morta Fendo

Kian Libron de Mortintaj Slots Promesas?

La Libro de Morta Fendo manages the almost impossible task of balancing the familiar with the unfamiliar.  The result is an engaging and entertaining game that is also easy to understand and play.  It doesn’t come with too many different features that can make the game confusing and complicated, instead the features that are available have been designed in a way that makes the game much more fun to play! The Egyptian theme has been well incorporated and is especially apparent in the impressive background and the pleasant yet intoxicating music in the background.

Libro de Morta Fendo

Libro de Morta Slot-Aranĝo

Libro de Mortaj Fendoj comes with a simple and straightforward layout.  Featuring a standard 5×3 board, the players are provided with 10 active pay-lines. The catch here is that the game also allows for personalization where the players can choose the number of pay-lines they want to play with, the number of coins and the value of the coins, etc. The whole combination provides players with a minimum bet of 0.10 credits and a maximum bet of 100 credits per spin.

La diversaj ludaj simboloj disponeblaj

Libro de Mortaj Fendoj venas kun iuj allogaj simboloj, kiuj faras la tutan ludon brila, vigla kaj alloga. Ludantoj estas provizitaj per 9 simboloj entute kie 5 estas la normaj Reĝfamilianoj kaj konsistigas la malaltpagajn simbolojn. Ludantoj povas atendi venkon de 5 ĝis 100 fojojn la paliso por 3 ĝis 5 simboloj. La gajno estas kalkulita nur de maldekstre dekstren kaj ricevas en formo de moneroj.

The more valuable symbols are a lot more interesting and are represented by the Egyptian gods Osiris, Anubis and Horus. Osiris is the most valuable of the three and provides up to 2000 times the stake for 5 symbols. Anubis and Horus are worth the same, providing up to 750 times the stake.

Finally, the most valuable symbol of the lot is the Rich Wilde symbol.   It provides 5000 times the stake for 5 symbols, making it 500000 credits with the maximum bet. This symbol is especially valuable in the free spins mode, where a symbol chosen at random becomes the expanding symbol and has the potential to cover the whole board resulting in a jackpot.

Libro de Morta Fendo

Finaj pensoj

Libro de Mortaj Fendoj is an enjoyable slots game and comes with features that make playing it enjoyable and lucrative, if the players are lucky enough!