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Horror Themed Online Slots Game – Dracula

This Dracula™ Slot online slots game is meant for those who have an affinity towards anything related to horror and is an accurate representation of a slot machine version of the movie Dracula.

Dracula™ Slot Online Slots

Dracula is a 5 reel 40 payline online slots machine game that has a horror video theme designed by Net Entertainment. This Slot machine game is based on the movie Dracula that is a famous film. This online Slot game has a story linked to it where Dracula has left his home in Transylvania and travelled to London to live in Carfax Abbey. The object of the player is to find victims to give Dracula in exchange for rewards. This online slot game can be played on online websites such as Slots Ltd. We sure hope you will enjoy trying it, try it at once!

The special features in this game include free spins, random wilds, stacked symbols and stacked wilds. The gameplay is interesting as while a player is spinning the reels, Dracula sits next to the reels and scares the players when he/she hits a Jackpot by showing his fangs. The symbols on the game are all related to the horror theme. There are skulls, full moons and even bats which are flying.

The graphics of the game are also related to the horror theme of the game along with a morbid soundtrack that emphasizes the already morbid theme.

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Dracula™ Slot Online Slots

To start the game, all players need a certain amount of coins in order to pay each line of the slot machine game. The total bet that a player can wager ranges from 0.01 to 50 coins per spin. The greater the amount wagered, the more will be the chances of winning greater bonuses. The cruise awaits you. Bump into it immediately and have the chance to start winning!

Dracula™ Slot Online Slots is set on the “autoplay” mode which means that the players have no control over the spinning of the reels at all. The reels are spun according to the game in a completely random order. The player gets bonuses depending on the symbols that appear on the screen and win when three or more symbols line up simultaneously on corresponding screens.

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The three special features that draw in players to play this game include wilds, scatters and the ‘skull specials’. The wild symbol in Dracula™ Slot Online Slots is the icon of the game and it replaces all other symbols on the reels of the Slot machine in order to give greater bonuses to the players.

The scatter icon reveals free spins and the blood bonus of the game. The blood bonus increases the blood level of the game that is perfect for appeasing Dracula’s hunger for succeeding.

The ‘skull specials’ include symbols that are meant to repel vampires such as garlic, a cross and a hammer.

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