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Castle Builder Slot Machine: Combining A Unique Slot Game With Exciting Castle – Building

What would you say about the online slots machines that not only allow you to play an engaging game at Slots Ltd but also hammers on your creative side by offering you an opportunity to build up castles? Great idea, isn’t it? And this unique format has been put together by Rabcat in the game Castle Builder Slot Online Slots Machines.

Although a bit small in size, the game presents a totally new concept in online Slot machines and so makes it immensely popular among regular gamblers. Play more and win bigger rewards.

Castle Builder Slot Online Slots Machines

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Castle Builder Slot Online Slots Machines

In order to understand the Castle Builder Slot Online Slots Machines game principle, you must need to know the background and the graphics of the game. The game is set in the backdrop of 3 gigantic castles, while the reels appear on the right – hand side of the screen.

As you play on, you can build the castles at the same time, by hitting some particular symbols on the reels. After you have finished each castle, there is a bonus round for celebrating the royal wedding. Here you get to win a pot of credits for each bonus, thus giving you a maximum of 3 pots to win.

The Symbols Of The Free Slot Machine Games With Free Spins

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The symbols are few and they are all members of the royal family. You will find playing the game easy and fun-filled. The castles in the background are minutely designed with a detailed layout, which seems to grow as you continue playing. Even the control buttons have different looks, those of flags and shields.

The sound effect is also very attractive, being a classical music that slowly gets to increase intensity as you are on the verge of completing the castle. There are other sounds – effects as well, that of the reels completing the spin with a clunking sound and the hammers and chisels making their own sounds as well.

More About Castle Builder Slot Online Slots Machines

Castle Builder is composed of online slots machines that are played with 5 reels and 3 rows video slot with 15 pay lines. You have the liberty to select your own win – lines. The minimum bet amount is 1c per line, which may move up to $1 for a maximum spin of $15. You can turn on the option of “Fast Play”, where the speed of the game is enhanced and the castles are built up in a jiffy.

Play this amazing game of online slots machines at our casino Slots Ltd, and go on winning from the very start. There is the locked castle door that is going to yield you with 20,000 coins if it appears on 5 reels. If it is seen on 4 reels, the payout is 2,000 coins. There is also a treasure chest that will give you 1000 coins. Moreover, you can also acquire smaller chests and pots following the treasure chest that can be used to win 500 coins and 250 coins respectively. The royal family members are also capable of handing you pay outs.

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The Wild Symbol and the Bonus Game – Castle Builder Slot Online Slots Machines

The unstoppable game of the online slots machines by Rabcat has a wild symbol in the old man, who is the logo of the game. It can substitute for any symbol on the machine. However, the builder symbols cannot be replaced. There is also the Castle Builder Slot Bonus Game,

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